Master Katsuhiro Ōtomo!

IMG_2040Tonight Rinko enjoyed an evening that usually happens only in dreams! The legendary, award-winning Katsuhiro Otomo-sensei took part in a special panel discussion along with fellow manga giant Katsuya Terada to discuss the career and works of manga god, Hiroshi Hirata! If that’s not incredible enough, this amazing talk show took place at the Yayoi Museum which is just a short, brisk walk away from Rinko’s home in Tokyo.

Rinko managed to get a ticket for the event and took her webmaster with her (aren’t I lucky!). Listening to the discussion was awe-inspiring and humbling. At the end of the program the artists just a tiny handful of questions and Rinko managed to ask one, which turned out to be the most thoughtful and insightful of them all. She actually made the artists stop and think! To make the story even better– Rinko got to meet Otomo-sensei personally and took a picture with him! LOOK!


Later, Rinko had this to say about the experience: “He was fucking incredible. He was amazingly insightful, intelligent yet very personable. I was so excited that I forgot to ask him to shake my hand, but in this photo I put my hand on his back. OMFGIJUSTTOUCHEDMYGOD!”

Needless to say, this was a supremely fantastic experience!

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